How do I know your items are authentic?

Acquiring your favorite piece of autographed memorabilia can be one of the most exciting investments you can make - as long as it is real. At All Star Memorabilia, the integrity of each piece of our hand-signed collectibles is paramount. All Star Memorabilia guarantees the authenticity of your hand-signed sports collectible. Our  representatives witness athlete signings . A tamper-resistant security seal is affixed to each item and an All Star Memorabilia Certificate of Authenticity with the matching hologram accompanies each piece. This is our assurance that your autographed memorabilia is 100% authentic.

Each and every hand-signed collectible that carries a tamper-proof hologram is acquired by an A.S.M. representative. Once the collectibles have been autographed, they are cataloged and inventoried.
Each hand-signed collectible is examined for quality and signature condition. If the collectible meets the A.S.M  standard of excellence a tamper-proof All Star Memorabilia Logo hologram is affixed to the product.
Once the hand-signed collectible has passed the steps listed above, a All Star Memorabilia Certificate of Authenticity is created for the collectible. The collectible is then sealed and stored within our office and is not handled until it is delivered to a sports collectible enthusiast.

Does All Star Memorabilia buy memorabilia?

We do not purchase memorabilia from the general public. Authenticity is paramount at A.S.M  and we have to witness every collectible being signed before we affix our seal to the product that we are representing.
All the items are guaranteed 100% authentic and come by way of direct player signings or authorized agent signings. We have ties not only with players, but also pro and college teams. Every single piece of memorabilia comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity and hologram. Each Certificate Of Authenticity is personalized with the player name and item signed, affixed with tamper resistant security hologram that is serialized. A tamper resistant security hologram is additionally affixed to the item, with a matching serial number. From time to time we will acquire items that are authenticated at shows and do wholesale business with various autograph distributors (such as but not limited to: Upper Deck Authenticated, Steiner Sports, Schwartz Sports, National Sports Distributors) any of these items will be accompanied with their respective authentication and a receipt of purchase from our company. One of our business missions is to help preserve the integrity of the hobby, and pass it on to our next generation as it was given to us growing up.

What are your guarantee's ?

All Star Memorabilia is a company based on integrity, and loyalty to our clients. We look to ensure that your purchase is a lifelong experience. On all items that are sold with our affixed hologram, and COA, carry an lifetime guarantee towards their authenticity. On all items we offer a money back guarantee with return of item in same as sold condition, with out damage to item COA or attached holograms. We do document in digital media each item before it is shipped out to a respective buyer.

Please contact a representative from our company if you have any other questions, or if there is something you are looking for that is not currently showcased on our web-site.